SEO Sunshine Coast

After working with Australia's largest brands in Brisbane - I now call the Sunshine Coast home (again).

SEO Sunshine Coast.

If you are a local Sunshine Coast business who would like to increase your visibility in Google’s organic rankings, I have the years of experience in both agency and in house roles that will get you results.


Check out my Linkedin for a run down on my SEO experience, then get in touch via my contact page for a no obligation chat.


The Truth About Sunshine Coast SEO.

SEO Sunshine Coast is a hotly contested space with many cowboys offering guaranteed results and unrealistic promises. The truth is, any quality Sunshine Coast SEO can never guarantee rankings as they don’t control Google’s ranking algorithm nor your competitors SEO activities.


If someone is promising to rank your Sunshine Coast business for a certain keywords – ask them exactly how many searches per month those phrases gets. Ranking a website for “best mobile car mechanic in Mooloolaba” is significantly easier than “mobile mechanics Sunshine Coast”, however exactly 0 people search for the first example and 260 people per month search for the latter.


As with my SEO Brisbane clients, I am completely honest and transparent at every stage of your SEO Sunshine Coast campaign. I will never guarantee results but have an extensive portfolio of past wins that I will be more than happy to share with you over a coffee.


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Doing Things The Right Way.

My approach to any SEO Sunshine Coast campaign is the same as my largest of Brisbane corporate clients and comes down to three simple components:


  • Ensure all technical elements are optimised and Google is able to crawl and index your website
  • Create useful, meaningful content for you visitors,
  • Create natural backlink and citation opportunities


Whilst the above may sound simple enough, there are literally hundreds of ranking factors across multiple Google algorithms and your chosen keywords will only be as competitive as your next closest competitor makes them. To truly experience outstanding SEO results for your Sunshine Coast business you must take a white-hat, long term approach. It is often said, SEO is a marathon, not a race and often takes 6-12 months to achieve the highest ranking positions. If anyone is promising you results faster, it is likely they will employ SEO tactics that can put your business at risk of being de-indexed from Google. If it sounds too good to be true – it very likely is.


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