SEO Brisbane.

Want to improve your website’s rankings, attract more traffic and grow your business? I have years of experience and knowledge, gained from both Agency & In-house roles, to produce stellar SEO results for clients in Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast at affordable prices.


Check out my Linkedin for a run down on my SEO experience, then get in touch via my contact page for a no obligation chat.


I employ a methodical approach to SEO to ensure that every single element is optimised for search engines & visitors alike.

WEB Development

I can create professional looking WordPress websites, that are SEO friendly, at very cost effective rates.


I've had content published on,, & and I'd love to do the same for your business.

Content Development

Increasing your traffic is pointless if you don't convert these visits. I can craft compelling onsite copy that ticks all the boxes.

SEO Brisbane.

Want to improve your website’s rankings, attract more traffic and grow your business? I have years of experience and knowledge, gained from both Agency & In-house roles, to produce stellar SEO results for clients in Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast at affordable prices.


Check out my Linkedin for a run down on my SEO experience, then get in touch via my contact page for a no obligation chat.


I employ a methodical approach to SEO to ensure that every single element is optimised for search engines & visitors alike.

WEB Development

I can create professional looking WordPress websites, that are SEO friendly, at very cost effective rates.


I've had content published on,, & and I'd love to do the same for your business.

Content Development

Increasing your traffic is pointless if you don't convert these visits. I can craft compelling onsite copy that ticks all the boxes.

“The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google”

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Brisbane SEO Consulting.

Major League Experience. Minor League Pricing.

Having previously been the SEO Team Lead at a Large Brisbane SEO agency, the team at Jared Bennett Digital (me) has delivered successful campaigns for a range of enterprise level clients right through to local small Brisbane businesses. Employing a strictly 'white-hat' approach, I strive to achieve long term, profitable results for all clients regardless of their size or budget

brisbane seo results

Awesome looking WordPress Websites – at cost effective rates.

SEO Friendly Websites in Brisbane


WordPress Sites starting from $3000.

25% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress, which is no surprise given it’s excellent SEO performance and almost limitless functionality. If you’re launching a new business or planning a website redesign, I can provide a professional looking website that won’t break the bank. Check out some of my previous work by clicking the button below then get in touch for a obligation free web design Brisbane quote.


My work’s been featured on,, & more!

Content Marketing Brisbane


My work’s been featured on,, just to name a few…

Content Marketing has become somewhat of a buzzword in Brisbane SEO circles lately, with many agencies simply using it replace the phrase ‘link building’. Real Content Marketing involves research, planning & creativity to achieve viral reach and I’d love to put your business in front of millions of eyeballs with a well executed campaign.

Content Marketing Brisbane

Boring Content is boring.


Quality Content is a Must.

Search Engines are continually evolving to seek out low quality, keyword stuffed content and condemning these offending websites to the ghost towns that are pages 2 and beyond. Fortunately, avoiding the wrath of the Google Panda algorithm is as simple as writing for humans, not search engines and I can help you craft content that keeps your visitors engaged and the search engines happy.

Best SEO in Brisbane

SEO Brisbane Consulting Overview.

I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to SEO in Brisbane. Every website and vertical is unique which is why I don’t offer SEO packages or campaign road maps, but rather prioritise the work required based on my findings in the initial onsite audit. Below is an overview of some typical elements of a successful SEO Brisbane campaign however this list is by no mean exhaustive and will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your website.

Technical Site Wide Audit


Conducting a technical SEO audit for Brisbane businesses requires hours of meticulous analysis and interpretation in order to diagnose the most important elements that require further attention. Whilst some agencies simply slap their logo on an auto generated report, I take the time to thoroughly examine every technical aspect of your website to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations that I believe will achieve the best possible results in the shortest period of time.


Onsite Recommendations Implementation


Paying a Brisbane SEO for a onsite recommendations only to then be pointed in the direction of the nearest web developer to implement them is one of the most common complaints I come across in the industry. In most cases these recommendations are not technically complex to action which is why I offer implementation as part of my service. Having experience in a variety of popular CMS’s including WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce means I can potentially save you thousands on development fees for simple onsite changes. In the rare case I don’t have the technical expertise to provide this, I can recommend cost effective solutions from my network of contacts.


Competitor Analysis & Targeting


The size and scope of the SEO work required for your Brisbane business’ website depends largely on the competitiveness of the industry in which you operate. Organic Google rankings are only as difficult as your most digitally competent competitors make them which is why it’s essential to conduct a thorough industry analysis in the early stages of your campaign. Whilst Google’s algorithm is a closely guarded secret, it is possible to reverse engineer the keys to success in your vertical by closely studying those sites which currently rank above yours and simply improving on the SEO aspects they currently do well.


Ongoing Keyword Research and Content Development


Google processes an average of 40,000 searches every second. (In the time it took you to read that sentence, it could have answered over 120,000 questions!). The point being that optimising your website for a handful of vanity keywords means you’re potentially missing out on a huge amount of opportunities to provide some of these answers and ultimately attract more traffic to your website. I include ongoing keyword research at every stage of your  SEO Brisbane campaign to target both short and long tail queries that are relevant to all stages of your customer’s buying funnel. As I identify these opportunities, I will continually update your onsite content, in consultation with you, in order to target these keywords and help your site to appear more often in the search engine results.


Natural Link Acquisition Strategies


The single most important question you can ask your current or potential Brisbane SEO agency is “do you pay other websites to link back to your clients?” If their answer is yes then your’s needs to be no. Buying backlinks is strictly against Google’s guidelines and the search giant is getting better at identifying these tactics every day. If you’re caught out then you can expect to see a dramatic decline in your current rankings or in some cases having your website removed from Google entirely! Would your Brisbane business survive if it was banished from Google? I only practice natural link acquisition techniques which will never result in Google penalising your website. The approach is simple, yet few are able to master it – publish valuable/ useful/ entertaining content on your website and those powerful links will come as other website owners share your content with their audience. Quality backlinks lead to quality rankings and ultimately more revenue through your business.


Traffic Quality Analysis Including Goal Tracking


Attracting visitors to your website is pointless if they aren’t likely to convert into paying customers. I monitor a variety of metrics including bounce rates, conversion rates, time on site and goal funnels to determine which keywords are bringing in the highest quality traffic and therefore warrant a stronger focus.


Regular Progress Updates


Whilst any SEO Brisbane campaign is a long term investment which rarely produces results ‘overnight’, I believe that my clients deserve to be kept across the progress of their campaigns as often as possible. I provide regular reports on what i’m doing, how i’m doing it and why i’m doing it to provide complete transparency at every stage. I also provide detailed keyword ranking  & traffic reports so you can track the improvement made to date.

Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane


As with any services industry, there are good & bad operators and by no means does the below apply to every SEO agency in Brisbane and beyond. Unfortunately the SEO industry has it’s fair share of snake oil salesmen and large inefficient companies that can’t provide you with the quality of service that a dedicated SEO consultant (like myself!) can. Here’s some common reasons why you should steer clear of most SEO agencies:



Achieving strong organic rankings requires an in depth understanding of the history of your website and the intricacies of your Brisbane business. Having to explain the above to a new face on your account every couple of months is a waste of your time and money.




If your SEO Brisbane campaign isn’t producing the desired results it could be the fault of one of many sets of hands working on your account. Often you’ll never meet these team members (sometimes they might not even be based in Australia) and your only point of contact is an Account Manager who’s juggling 40 clients. Alternatively you might be sold the dream by a confident sales executive only to be left disappointed when the team can’t achieve what was promised. As a consultant I am 100% accountable for the success or failure of your SEO campaign. If I agree to take you on as a client (I will politely decline if I don’t think I can improve your current rankings) then I will do everything in my power to achieve the best outcome possible for your business.




Large Brisbane SEO agencies are notorious for spending lavishly on fancy offices, trendy standing desks and wild Christmas parties, with the reality being that their clients are funding all of the above. My consulting business is just myself (and Frankie) in a modest home office meaning that I can keep my rates very competitive compared to the hipsters and their standing desks.




Despite what they might proclaim, many SEO Brisbane agencies apply the same approach to every client’s website. SEO Managers will start with an audit, make some recommendations, buy some links then do just enough each month to stop each of their 40 clients from cancelling. Only a consultant can take the time to understand their client’s websites and truly act in the best interests of the client. I cap the amount of clients I work with at any one time in order to ensure I can provide the best possible service (and to avoid the stress!).


With over 200 rankings factors in the algorithm, there are literally hundreds of potential causes of less than impressive organic rankings. However, some ranking factors have anecdotally shown to be more important than others which makes diagnosing the issues slightly easier. Here is the most common causes I see of poor Google rankings and how to fix each one:

Past SEO Sins


If you or a previous Brisbane SEO agency have previously purchased large amounts of low quality links in an attempt to cheat your way to the top then it’s very likely that these are the cause of your underwhelming rankings. Google is very good at identifying this type of behaviour and applying algorithmic adjustments to penalise the worst offenders. Generally it is possible to reverse the effects of low quality links however it requires hours of manually contacting each website and requesting them to remove the links pointing back to yours. If you have a few thousands of these links then it’s a long road back to the top and you might want to consider scraping the domain and starting fresh. It’s important to keep an eye on your Search Console account (previously known as Web Master Tools) for any warnings from Google that your site is either at risk of a penalty or has in fact had a manual penalty applied.


Unoptimised Onsite Elements


In order to rank for the keywords that you believe will bring you business, it’s necessary to target these phrases via onsite elements such as page titles, heading tags, and alt tags. Pages on your website with generic titles such ‘home’ and ‘services’ don’t provide Google with any information about what the page is about and consequently you’re unlikely to appear for your desired keywords. The same is true for the images on your website. Google is unable to interpret images and therefore relies on alt tags and image file names to determine what the image portrays. Missing alt tags and file names such as ‘homepageslider.jpg’ are not going to provide any keyword related signals to Google and you’ll be missing another opportunity to target your keywords.


Over Optimised Onsite Elements


It is possible to over optimise your onsite elements by stuffing them with keywords and forcing phrases into your headings and onsite copy that don’t make sense in an attempt to target exact matches of the phrases you’re attempting to rank for. The goal should be to write concise, natural sounding page titles, headings & copy which also include your target keywords. It can be somewhat of an art form to achieve and that’s where my skills and experience come in.


A Lack of Quality Backlinks and Citations


Google results are essentially one big popularity contest with links from other websites to yours being considered votes or endorsements of a certain level of trust and quality. Not all of these ‘votes’ are considered equal though with a higher weighting being placed on links from trust worthy, authoritative and relevant websites. Imagine you’re wanting to find someone to fix your computer and you ask two different people for their recommendation. The first person works at your local car wash and the second person is Bill Gates – who’s recommendation do you think you’d take? This is very similar to how backlinks are considered by Google and one quality link will be more powerful than thousands of low quality links combined. I can help you attract high quality backlinks via a well thought out Content Marketing campaign.


A Lazy Robots.txt File


When Google crawls your website it will follow every internal link it finds in order to create an index of the contents of every page. Often there will be pages on your site that are duplicate versions of others, have a low amount of content on them or are dynamically generated product filtering URL’s which can have hundreds of thousands of variations depending on the size of your e-commerce site. A robots.txt file should be employed to provide direction to the Google bot regarding which pages to ignore when crawling your site and if not configured correctly, your rankings can suffer as a result.


Minimal On Page Content


If a large proportion of your website’s pages contain little to no written content you are unlikely to achieve optimal rankings. Google takes into consideration the quality of your site as a whole and having a significant percentage of pages with little to no text will see your site branded as ‘low quality’ and not worthy of a position at the pointy end of the search results. I can identify which pages are thin on content and then produce the right amount of quality content to satisfy your visitors and the search engines. Alternatively I can advise whether these pages should simply be blocked via your robots.txt file or no index tags if you’re not attempting to rank them for a particular keyword.


Unscrupulous Competitors


Unfortunately there is evidence that dishonest competitors are able to trick Google into thinking you’re trying to cheat your way to the top via a tactic known as ‘negative seo’. This involves purchasing a large amount of low quality backlinks and pointing them at your site with the aim of having Google penalise you for unnatural links. Your site can then be demoted, or even de-indexed with your competitor then hypothetically taking your place in the search results. If you operate in a competitive industry, it’s essential to have an SEO consultant monitor all incoming backlinks to ensure that nothing sinister is occurring. If a negative SEO attack is detected, these links should be immediately disavowed to prevent any possibility of a penalty from Google.


Your Website Sucks


It may sound harsh, but sometimes websites can be so outdated and riddled with technical issues that Google essentially gives up on trying to make sense of it all. If this is the case I can build you a fully optimised WordPress website that is 100% SEO friendly right out of the box which can often be more cost effective then trying to fix your existing site.


Finding a quality SEO in Brisbane can be a confusing and frustrating process and my goal is to help you avoid some of the common traps out there for those unfamiliar with the industry. Here’s 4 very important things you should look out for when considering working with an agency. 

Lock In Contracts


Whilst SEO is a long term investment which rarely produces results overnight – you should never commit to a lock in contract when dealing with an SEO agency. Signing a contract removes a significant amount of motivation for an agency to get you the best possible results and more than likely they’ll put your account into ‘set and forget’ mode and invoice you monthly for the privilege. I operate on rolling month to month agreements and my SEO clients are free to cancel with 30 days notice at any point in time.

Guaranteed Results


Guaranteeing specific SEO results is something that I will never do purely because I don’t control Google’s ranking algorithm and neither do any other SEO agencies. The system in which Google determines which websites to rank for certain keywords will never be revealed and so the only way to achieve the best results is to be flexible and responsive in your SEO strategy. If an agency is offering to guarantee you results – ask them what keywords you’re guaranteed to rank for and more importantly how many people search for that exact phrase per month.

Paid Link Building


Perhaps the most important question to ask a potential SEO agency is “do you pay websites to publish articles containing a link back to your client’s websites?” If their answer is yes then yours needs to be no. I’ve seen major national brands, who attract tens of thousands of website visits per day have their entire site removed from Google due to paid link building activity. Google considers this ‘cheating your way to the top’ and has very advanced methods of detecting and penalising websites who do so.

Outsourced SEO Team Members


Quality SEO requires an in depth understanding of your business, the market you operate within and the language in which you communicate to the world. This is something that only a local Brisbane SEO can offer. Many SEO agencies outsource their work to countries like the Philippines in order to keep their costs low and profits high. As a consultant, I am the only one who will ever work on your account and I strongly advise against working with anyone who outsources their SEO to other countries.